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  1. Inadequate flashing

    ... is supposed to be the flexible connection between your chimney and roof that lets each side expand or contract without making a gap ... to be repaired or replaced, you will see leaks around the chimney . Do You have this issue? Get Help ...

  2. What Is The Best Time Of Year For A Chimney Cleaning.

    ... sometimes ask when is the best time to schedule a  chimney cleaning . The answer is spring, summer, or early fall, to ensure your  chimney  is clean and working by or before fireplace or furnace season. ...

  3. Cracked Chimney Crown

    A leading cause of chimney leaks is cracks or damage to the chimney crown , which is the top of the chimney . The chimney crown was designed not to allow water to rest on ...

  4. What is the white discoloration outside of my chimney?

    The white residue found on the exterior of your chimney is called efflorescence. It may look like the natural aging of a ... it could cause premature aging or deterioration of the chimney structure. Efflorescence is caused when water moves through the ...

  5. How Often Should I Have My Chimney Swept?

    ... this national safety standard is the best way to keep your chimney in great shape. Even if you don't use your fireplace regularly, an ... and there can be other deterioration that makes your chimney unsafe to use. During these inspections, our technicians can identify ...

  6. Liner Deterioration

    Your chimney liner serves a vital purpose in your chimney system by channeling heat and gases up and out of the chimney and blocking the heat from causing combustible materials around the ...

  7. Rusted chase cover

    ... cover Issues? Contact Us Now! Outline Chimney chase covers keep water and debris out of your chimney chase . Poorly designed and poorly installed chase covers ...

  8. How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Swept?

    ... isn’t a set formula for how often you should have your  chimney  cleaned, you should schedule an annual  chimney inspection , especially if you are a regular fireplace user. ...

  9. What could be wrong with my chimney?

    Damaged chimney liner   Cracked chimney crown   Leaky flashing   Chimney obstruction If you believe that you have any of these ...

  10. Stack Effect Calculator

    ... Did you know that warm air doesn't just rise up your chimney , but due to physical forces it is actively sucked up? This phenomenon ... cold it is outside, how warm it is inside, how tall the chimney is and how wide the flue is. The British Research Establishment ...



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