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  1. Anatomy Of A Chimney

    Knowing the names and parts of your chimney and fireplace will help you understand your system and keep it maintained. Below is a list of common chimney parts and a description: Flue The flue is the passageway smoke travels up and exits the chimney . Flue Lining The flue lining is the interior lining ...

  2. Chimney Swifts

  3. There are stains on my ceiling

    ... Leaks or stains on the ceiling may indicate unsafe chimney conditions. Stains around chimney s are usually more than just a cosmetic issue. You should look out for ...

  4. Do creosote sweeping logs work?

    ... . The creosote sweeping log is accepted by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Creosote sweeping logs are a useful addition to annual chimney inspections and cleanings. However, CSL’s shouldn’t take the ...

  5. I Heat With Gas. Should My Chimney Be Checked Too?

    Yes, you should still have your chimney inspected. Although gas is a clean-burning fuel, the fireplace can be ...

  6. What Is Creosote?

    ... black  soot that can be cleaned fairly easily with a  chimney  brush; the third; a thick, tar-like buildup that is more difficult ... coating that is the most difficult to remove. If your  chimney  technician finds a  creosote  buildup even one-eighth of an inch ...

  7. Damaged Chase Covers

    While your prefab chimney may not have the other leak issues that stone and masonry chimney s can experience, an area exposed to leaks around the chase ...

  8. Installing Tempered Glass Doors on your Fireplace

    ... likely come with glass doors but old fireplaces and custom chimney firebox es may not. Implementing this safety feature isn't very ... may be brittle and fall apart. If you see this contact a chimney masonry expert. To pre vent damaging the glass remember ...

  9. Leaky Chimney?

  10. How to properly store and burn firewood?

    ... threatens. Below are top firewood tips from the Chimney Safety Institute: It is imperative that the fuel be dry ... and you elected to try to burn it, be sure to have the chimney checked more often than usual, you may build up creosote very ...



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