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  1. What Do I Do If My Fireplace Smells?

    ... in your home that are causing air to be drawn down the chimney and into your living area. A sweeping will help but may not solve the ... will help because it reduces the airflow coming down the chimney . ...

  2. Do You Need Your Furnace Flue Cleaned?

    ... in that nesting animals can also create blockages to the  chimney  system. While furnace systems create less particulate matter than ...

  3. Mortar Joint Cracking

    ... mortar. If damage has occurred in a larger section of the chimney , the entire section would be rebuilt. ...

  4. Chimney Sweep Charlotte NC

  5. When I build a fire in the upstairs fireplace, the basement fireplace smokes

    ... air to enter the structure is often the unused fireplace chimney . As the air is drawn down the flue , it picks up smoke that is ...

  6. DaVinci Custom Linear Fireplaces

    ... DaVinci Fireplaces from Emberstone Chimney Solutions will set your designs apart from the rest. Don't ...

  7. My chimney smells bad

    Usually, the smell coming from your chimney is caused by a buildup of creosote , soot , or other debris. ... moisture and produce an unpleasant smell from your dirty chimney . An inspection and sweep is a good place to start for a smelly ...

  8. My chimney is dirty

    Dirty chimney s can be a severe fire hazard. Keeping your chimney clean is a vital part of preventing chimney fires. The following signs indicate that your chimney is in need ...

  9. My chimney is leaking

    A leaky chimney usually means that water is seeping through the chimney into a wall or ceiling somehow. It will be hard to tell how exactly ... damage. The source of the issue is at the top of your chimney . There could be cracks in the chimney crown or mortar joints ...

  10. Chimney Sweeping Newell NC

    ... isn’t a set formula for how often you should have your chimney cleaned, you should schedule an annual chimney inspection , especially if you are a regular fireplace user. During a ...



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